Aug 02

Got Tired Of Working On My Computer

btkw07aSo, after my appointment at Haselwood Cheverolet in Bremerton today (to fix a recalled driver’s-side seat belt retention thingamagiggy and it took only 1.5 hours instead of 3 like they were figureing) I made Blackberry Jam/Jelly.

And that was pretty much my day.

Oh, it got really cloudy and rained a bit, but we never did get any thunder. Dog and I took a walk between the bouts of rain. I got my feet a bit wet. He got soaked. (He’s a little Dog. Short legged freak!)

Really. Nothing else going on today.

Jul 22

Lightning And Thunder And Hard Rain. Oh, My!

And, no, it doesn’t happen very often around here. But, at 0400 this morning I was woken up by heavy thunder. I tend to wake easily with the slightest strange noise in the house, but this was pretty loud. Of course, lightning was occasionally going on; which led to more thunder (of course). Had a period of pretty hard rain too. All in all, the “storm” lasted almost an hour. Was cool!!! Figured I was already up, and the alarm was going to go off at 0515, that I might as well stay up. Woke up again @ 0700. !

Not a whole lot happened around here yesterday. Nice, Hot, day out until late afternoon. In the space of about 5 minutes it went to cloudy and 10-15 degrees cooler. Made a run to ACE, the bank, Post Office, and the dirt farm (Peninsula Topsoil) up the road. I can have a ton of compost/dirt mix delivered for around $90, OR, I can pick it up myself (using my truck) for $27.50. Guess which I’m gonna go with. Go ahead. Guess. (I’ll wait.)
cise02bToday has been overcast but semi-warm. Just warm enough for the mosquito’s to swarm while I was out mowing the back yard. Got several bites.
And, other than that it’s just been my normal chores around here. Did finally try on all my pants and put those that no longer fit into a pile for the Goodwill (or whoever). I think I’m picking SWMBO up at the QFC tonight; but will have to check to be sure.

Crap! It’s already 1600! Where did the day go?

Made Peanut Butter Cookies. Maybe I’ll let SWMBO have a couple. Maybe.
I did get to go pick her up at the QFC. We’re home and just relaxing. About time to go lay down and read a bit. Guess it’d be too much to hope for another lightning storm tonight!

Jun 08

Cloudy And Way Cooler Today. Suxs!

Bolero02aBolero02vBut y’all know that I like the hotter weather. I really should live in Yuma or Gila Bend. Or even the Mojavie Desert. (Except that is a bit too hot even for me.) Still, I do like the green around here; except when it gets so dry a fire could spread like, well, wild fire. And the trees are too damned tall! I like open sky.

Got out and made another raised bed. Since that bag of cement mix broke yesterday, I just moved it all into the hole I created in the middle of the raised bed, added another bag, and wet it down pretty good. It’ll harden and may work to keep the moles out. It may not. Don’t really care. I’m tired of building the things. (Only 2 more to go!)

I saw this headline: “Study: Larger Wine Glasses Leads To More Drinking” and two thoughts came to mind: 1) Duh! 2) How much did we pay so someone could “study” the obvious? (And a companion piece was “Larger Baby Bottles Making Fat Babies.”) I’m getting to where I can’t watch or read the “News” anymore.


Wow. Power flickered and my computer(s) shut down. Shit. It had been sprinkling a bit earlier but didn’t seem to be bad enough to flicker the power. Even looking at the real-time lightning map doesn’t show anything nearby. Hmmm … Wind does kind of kick up some. (Heard some distant booms too; kind of like artillery used to sound at Camp Pendleton.)

MCARC Wednesday Evening 2-meter Chat Net tonight. Went well except reception was in and out with the wind. After, a couple of the guys helped me test the new antenna placement. Got pretty good signal reports on 28.450 USB from some; couldn’t hear others. Still.

And that’s about it. A friend is coming over to visit for a few and by the time he leaves it’ll be past bedtime. I’m already tired from building raised-beds today. SWMBO should be home shortly too. Yay!

Mar 14

Hell Of A Wind Yesterday!

Trees down all over the place. Lot’s of damages to homes from falling trees. Power outages. Wires burning. Houses burning. Even a couple of deaths from trees falling on cars. Man, it was crazy here. Wind really howled around the house a few times. Don’t really like craking noises coming from the ceiling.

2016-03-14 Wind Damage

We “weathered” the storm fairly well here. Lots of stuff we have outside got blown around; but we didn’t get any real damage nor lose power. Lights flickered enough for me to turn my computers and the NAS off (which is why I didn’t post last night), but they didn’t go completely out. Nor did it even reset any of our clocks. Cool!

Today has been mostly wet and only partially windy. Saw a blub where the Weather folks exclaimed “The Storm Is Over!” just as it started to hail rather aggressivly. Yeah. Sure. Tell me another. I still fully expect it to give us one more good snow before the end of April.


Not a whole hell of a lot going on around here. I’ve been kind of lazy today; just the usual chores and took the Dog for a walk between the periods of rain. Finished off the laundry. Made some more jigglers. Talked on the radio some.

Still playing on getting the Linksis Routers to be Meshed. Tried a hard reset on one and now it comes up “NOCLL-xxxxxxxx” and won’t let me log in. Which is worse than before I tried the hard reset and just couldn’t log in. Figures. Now I gotta remember the log-in for the one I “flashed.”


Anywho, that Sweet Young Thing I married almsot 30 years ago is home (safe) so I think I’ll go spend some time with her.