Just Not Much Going On

Yesterday so I didn’t post. I’m sure you don’t want to hear of my continuing struggles to get our deadbeat Renters out of the MILA. Nor my continuing headache.

Pretty much me when I have a Headache.

Speaking of which; danged headache was kinda sorta still hanging on this morning but has blossomed into a full head-pounder this afternoon. OW! Day 4! I don’t know if I ate a “trigger” or stress is building up to cause this headache. Right now, I say stress. Thank you, Sarah Mahaila, for messing with my head! I’m too old for this shit!

But that didn’t stop me from spending an hour on Pinterest! After my usual chores, of course.


In my efforts to get as far away from Microsoft products as possible, I’ve switched from Outlook to Thunderbird. Managed to import all my mail and even found a calendar extension that pulled in my Outlook calendar. Cool! Still had to set up the e-mail accounts (all 10 of them!) but was able to put the old messages where they belonged. So far I like Thunderbird.

Sun came out so the Dog and I went for a tour of the back 40. It’s flooded in several places and it squishes wherever one steps on the grass. Dog loved it.

Star Trek Continues

It’s later and we’ve just got home from picking SWMBO up. Think I’ll watch the first “Ape Man: The Story of Human Evolution” then hit the rack.

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