Started kind of late last night and I was hoping that a good nights sleep would take care of it. Nope. Had neither a good night’s sleep nor relief from the headache when I woke up this morning. Hate that!


But it really didn’t last long after taking two headache pills and a mug of coffee. Thank Goodness! So I got all my usual chores done then headed to the MILA and finished up there. (Had to clean the windows and, after a trip to ACE Hardware and back, level the stove.) But I am finally done with the MILA.! Hooray!


The new Renters are already moving their stuff in and have boxes all over the place. I don’t really mind even though they sorta kinda are moving in earlier than they’re paying for. But it’s not like we could rent to someone else for 15 days, so, I really didn’t see any other way to go. I’m easy. Mostly. Sometimes. Okay, occasionally.


Not much else going on. Cool and cloudy out with occasional sprinkles so no laying out. Climbed up on the roof and moved my main antenna feed over to the other side of the house; and fixed the 10-meter wire. Just letting Doctor Who run in the background while listening to the 20-meter band.

And that’s it again for another evening. SWMBO is home safe and eating dinner. I’m watching them open the Pandorica…

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