So, Couch Potato’s Are Real

Scientists Splice Human Gene Into Potatoes to Make Them Grow Huge

A team of scientists has increased the size of their potato crops by splicing a human gene that encodes a fat-regulating protein into them. The potatoes grew 50 percent larger than usual, opening up the possibility of growing more food without taking up more space for agriculture. Plants don’t have a protein comparable to the one the scientists spliced in, so the scientists had no idea what the outcome of the experiment would be.

Which is real science. And what Mad Science is all about. So, congratulations to the FrankenTater Scientists for a job, hopefully, well done. (See what I did there?)

Which brings another thought to mind that I’ve had over the years. (Because I have a strange mind.) What was going through the mind of the first person to eat a mud bug (crawdad), crab, or lobster? I mean, just how hungry were they? Look! A spiney thing that looks like a spider with large claws in the water . Let’s eat it!

Glad they did though.

Put the washer, dryer, fridge, and stove left by my last renter when she abandoned the place up on Craig’s List. Free. Supposedly (sorry, supposubly) have someone coming by between 0800-0830 to get the washer and dryer. Will probably have to take the fridge and stove to the dump. They work; just need a bit of cleaning that I don’t feel like doing and I don’t feel like passing the mess off to Habitat for Humanity as a donation. The fridge is really only in the “would make a great beer fridge in the garage” shape anyway. My renter was quite beautiful, but a slob. OMG what a slob.

Speaking of quite beautiful: Date Day! Since we’re in the midst of another (continuous) lock-down and wear your fuckin’ masks everywhere (Thank you, Governor Inslee asshole) I’m thinking of drive-thru KFC in Port Orchard (eat along the waterfront) before going to Home Depot in Silverdale. Kinda Sorta out of the way; but she’s worth it. Man, I got lucky marrying a girl that likes going to Home Depot.

Didn’t think of it early enough today but I think a day trip to the Air Museum in Tillamook might be nice. Haven’t been there in a year or so. Maybe next Tuesday? We always go the coastal route and that’s a pretty drive. Probably ought to call first to be sure they’d be open … (If I ever won a $gazzilion in the lotto I’d donate a butt-ton of $ to that museum to fix it up and get it looking better. I’d also build an mini-Keck Observatory out on Pine Mountain just for amateur’s only but that’s another fantasy.)

Anywho, better shit, shower, and shave (not) and get dressed for the folks coming at 0800-0830. For some reason folks get upset when they show up and I’m naked. Go figure.

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