SSDD Saturday

Really. SWMBO took the truck to the Genealogy Library so I was stuck at home where I did all my usual Saturday stuff plus laundry. She brought pizza home for dinner and we went to Safeway afterwards. (Dang! Forgot to get gas.)


SSDD. Sorry it’s not more exciting than that. I don’t even have any musings to pass on tonight. Been using Calibre to download and read “News” and other stuff, if that helps. Waiting for Doctor Who to be made available.


I suppose I could talk about that. I live 3 miles outside town. Cable stops about half a mile from here (down by the school). No plans to get cable out here ever. So we have DSL (and not very fast DSL) for Internet. Thanks to digital tv, I can clearly get 1 channel (13) worth watching and 3 “religious” stations. Thank you Digital TV. So we (may or may not) download the shows we like after they’ve “aired.” No, I don’t feel bad about (maybe or maybe not) downloading shows that have aired; It’s kinda sorta like videotaping shows and watching them later. And I never download movies. Never. (Nor music. Why download music when you can tune into an Internet Radio Station for free?)


But I suppose there’s some high muckity-muck MPAA Nazi out there searching for me.

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