Still Kinda Sorta Wet Out There

I just don’t know how to describe today. It was totally like all the other day’s I spend here on this Earth; nothing “special” going on nor any deviation from “normal” routine. But, I feel more “bored” today than usual. Tired for some reason too. I mean “I could lay down and take a nap” tired. Which I never do cause I’ll wake up with a headache.


I wish SWMBO and I were well enough off to just climb in the truck, with no set destination in mind, and go. Stop where we feel like it and stay as long as we wish. See some of this (once great) country of ours.


It’s probably the Winter Doldrums. Tired of being stuck in the house. My life is pretty routine since I “retired” and I’m kind of bored with it today. Not that most of the jobs I had didn’t have their fair share of “routing” days you understand. But I think I have more time to think about it now. Ah well.


Took me and the Dog for a tour of the back 40. All my usual chores are done. Ought to work up the gumption to get off my ass and finish some of the stuff I want (need) to do to my office to finish it off. Still need to put in the molding and finish off the one end of my countertop. Build a space to mount my radio and get all the electronics stuff where I want them.

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