So, In The Dog House For Answering One Of Those “Wife” Questions …

Sitting around watching some show on tv when she turns to me and asks “IF you could go back to when we were first dating, would you still ask me to marry you?”

To which I responded “Knowing what I know now or still blissfully ignorant of what was to come?”

Which, according to some unwritten female code, is NOT the right answer.

But, I blindly walked right in to that “Does this dress make my ass look fat?” type question. (Which also should not – can not – be answered with “Compared to what?” I found out.)

But don’t get me started.

Not a lot going on around here. Had friends visit us from Utah over the Thanksgiving weekend. I made the turkeys and they made everything else. We STILL have too much pie in the fridge! They “broke in” the FILA and said they really liked it down there. Cool.

Wx is getting a lot colder. Supposed to start getting wet tomorrow for the next 4 days. The thumbnail on the wx map shows possible snow tomorrow. Wouldn’t doubt it but my “feelings” about it is we won’t get any real snow until mid-December. But who knows around here.

Took our dog (Wiz) to the vet this AM for teeth cleaning and probably a tooth extraction. If he only gets the cleaning, that’s around $1000. If he gets an extraction, that’s around @$2000. How much y’all want to bet he gets at least 1 extraction. Would bet on 2 “just because.” SWMBO is off picking him up now … (A new dog would be cheaper.)

And I had planned to pay off the credit card this coming month. Damn!

Two 10 lb chubs of 85% burger cooked down to 16 lbs of usable meat and now resides in the freeze dryer for the next day or so. Yummy stuff!

Ham slices, peas, and sweet potatoes for dinner tonight. Time to make a beef stew tomorrow.

BTW, I would. In a heartbeat.

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