Ya Gotta Hand It To Short People. Because They Can’t Reach It Themselves.

Trying to use only my cast iron pots & pans for cooking. All the “non-stick” and such pots & pans have all worn out, started flaking, over the years and I’m getting tired of buying new stuff every year or so.

So, I have a 8″, 12″, and two 10″ skillets, a 12″ (or so) griddle, and two enamel covered iron stew pots (which are actually called something else but I’m having a severe senior moment here). I also have a steel-clad aluminum fry pan I really like using. I probably don’t need to look for a “sauce” pan but there should be something in an enamel coated iron somewhere. (Cooking acidic things, like spaghetti sauce, can ruin your seasoning in an iron skillet.) I do have a couple of small steel sauce type pans that we use a lot though. My iron wok. Can’t forget my wok.

And they all work with induction stoves. Which I’m going to get one of (probably) next year.

I have one of those old blue ribbed-like roasting pans (like Grandma had!) that I hardly ever use since I’ve been doing that kind of cooking in the Instant Pot then oven. A couple of those copper colored non-stick roasting type pans that have the electric burner they sit on. Pretty and useful when we use them. Which I’ll do until the pretty copper colored non-stick wears off or starts to flake.

The post-use for iron is a bit labor intensive; but once I get the seasoning done right that should ease up a bit. Should. My griddle is getting pretty close to non-stick now that I’m not afraid to use a lot of bacon fat or lard in my cooking. (Dutch Ovens! Knew it’d come to me!)

Anywho, another learning experience. I do like cooking though. Course, about the time I get any good at it it’ll be time for me to check out.

Found a guy/group on YouTube called “Dzivia” and his/their “Rujnuj” album. Nice. Somewhat reminds me of “Hu” but Nordic sounding. Sorta.

June 21st. Already been there.

Amazon has a 2-quart enameled sauce pan for less than $40. Hmm…

Two guys are taping and pasting the FILA and doing a pretty good job. I manage to drop in a couple of times a day to look around. (Once when they’re there and once after they’re gone for the day.) Gonna take about a week to finish that part. Meanwhile, another $15k to the contractor … He says he’ll be done by the end of July.

Tomorrow is World Pantyless Day.

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