Another Freaking Nice Day!

Got out and started my little generator shortly after SWMBO left for the Genealogy Library, and just let it run until it started chugging. Took 3.5 hours. So this thing ran on one tank of gas for 5.5 hours. Not bad. Had it hooked into the Caravan. Had my radio and laptop set up and running. Even transmitted some (25 watts on 14.070 PSK31) which only slightly slowed the generator down. So, it’ll work just fine for Field Day (I think). Nothing like empirical data to figure things out. (Climate Scientists Take Note!)


SWMBO got home and took me straight out to KFC in Gig Harbor for dinner. Then a quick stop at Home Depot for a couple of things. Our usual stop at Safeway, and we’re home. Everything’s unloaded and we’re settling in.

I may reload the generator and run it some more since it is kind of early. Or, since I know it works, I could just bring everything back in the house and set it back up well before our Sunday Evening Chat Net. Helps to be prepared.

Gas Station June 15 1932 A St and Water_2

Decided to just go with a 2m/70cm radio for my truck. I can’t think of a time I’d be trying to make world wide contacts while driving down the road. Not even for the noon-time net on 7268.5. But I can see pre-programming for 2-meters/440 before a trip and talking on those. So, I’ve been looking at dual band radios most of the day and am thinking of the Wouxun KG-UV920P. Most of the reviews (actual users) have been good. Butt-ton of video’s on YouTube about them. Sure, some folks have had problems; but what consumer item doesn’t have some trouble for some folks? And it’s not too spendy.

And for actual trips (camping trips) I’ll mount my 857D in the Caravan. If I got  one of those Alpha EzMilitary antenna’s, I should be able to get on-air easily.

I won’t mention that it was over 80 degrees today.

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