Y’all Know What Else Happened Jan 6, 2021? I Filled My Truck Tank For Only $2.25 Per Gallon. 20 Gallons Total.

Sorry about that. Been catching up around the house and getting back into freeze drying and totally forgot to post. Not that anyone is really interested in the daily routine of SSDD around here.

The “post trip’ mellows have finally arrived. My body no longer feels like it’s still speeding down the highway when I sit and relax for a moment. Which was an all over body quiver back when I was still riding a bike but is only a sudden jerk when I close my eyes now that I’m approaching 70. (Years. Not speed. 70 years. Nevermind.)

Several things I noticed on our trek: Lots of American flags across the middle of our country. The Prairie views are just as pretty as the mountain views (but, my God is it flat between Wyoming and eastern Ohio!). And both Gun Shops and Gas stations were doing good business.

Speaking of which: Never saw a gas station closed for lack of inventory. Prices are way (way!) up because of distribution difficulties and lack of imported fuel, but no stations have closed down because of it. Just seems weird. One has to wonder then, if the stations aren’t getting “new” gas, how come we’re paying more for old inventory? A few weeks ago we were paying $4/gal for gas they bought for $3/gal. Now we’re paying $6/gal for that $3/gal gas. What changed?

When gas is $6/gal you can figure I’m going to rent some goats or sheep to “mow” my lawn(s). Hear goats are hell on blackberry bushes. Just the leaves though. Hell, my dog eats blackberries off the vine.

I read that Fauci caught the covid. There *is* a Just God. And I see where the guy (him) who owns some of the Wuhan lab and funded “gain of function” studies on the COVID virus now states that there is “strong evidence that the COVID is naturally occurring.” Yeah, and Santa lives in your underwear. I’d believe Killary had nothing to do with offing Epstein before I’d believe Fauci.

And only in today’s America can Border Patrol Agents cleared of any wrong doing be punished for actions they didn’t do by another Government Agency that has nothing to do with the Agents jobs. Kind of like your Dad punishing you because your sister didn’t shave her legs I guess.

Got out and did some more of the whack-weeding between the raindrops. That electric weed-whacker is doing real good and when the battery shuts off it’s time to take a break!

Date day tomorrow. Think I’ll take SWMBO to the all-you-can-eat Chinese place.

Ah, well. Just trying to catch up and let everyone know I still breathe.

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