Chili Dogs For Dinner!

I sure wish this damned headache would go away! It’s into day 3 now. Not a full-blown migraine, but achy enough to know it’s there. I really think I need to live somewhere the weather doesn’t change much. Like a Moonbase. Yeah, a Moonbase would do. Totally controlled “weather” even if laying out in the Sun would be a bitch!


It’s Friday and just not much going on. Listening to the “Noontime Net” on 7268.5 and updating my Google & Skydrive’s and other things online. Already have my regular chores done and am about to go check mail. Then I still have to do my mile on the treadmill. Joy.


Well, well. Seems I don’t have to “worry” that this VM will be upgraded to Windows 10 afterall. Looks like the Video Driver isn’t compatible. Now if I could just get rid of that upgrade icon on my taskbar.

Anywho, mostly just relaxed and read the afternoon away. Really didn’t feel like doing anything. Got off my fat, old and made chili dogs for dinner. With chopped onion, of course. Dog got to eat the last bit of chili in the bottom of the pot (glad he sleep on SWMBO’s side of the bed!).


Just got back from picking her up and it’s about time to go lay down. MCARC meeting in the morning. Joy.

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