Well, That Was Interesting

I quit eating cereal (mostly Honey-Nut Cheerios or Frosted Shredded Wheat) and as much sugar as I was willing to let go last year and switched to having bacon & eggs for breakfast every day. Went from almost 260 lbs to 220 lbs in about 6 months.

So, last Thursday SWMBO and I went shopping at COSTCO ($130!!!) and WinCo, and I thought to get a couple of those single serving containers of Honey-Nut Cheerios (I don’t know why). Convenience? Laziness (cause I cook breakfast 99.9% of the time)?

Then, Saturday morning, usually a batch-it day cause SWMBO works the Genealogy Library and gets “something” on the way in, I had one of the containers for my breakfast.

I was NOT impressed. WAY too sweet. Mouth crinkling sweet. Got it all down and still felt hungry. Twenty minutes later I still felt hungry and wound up making some bacon & eggs anyway.

I’m ruined for cereal.

We actually did “date day” last Thursday. I managed to walk around COSTCO and mostly around WinCo before having to find a place to rest my leg a moment. Still aches a lot from the exercises I do all the time and our morning 1/2 mile walk. But I’ll get over it. At least I can now prop my left leg over my right knee to put socks on. Hurts, but I can do it.

Otherwise, not much going on.

Oh, Wx was REALLY nice yesterday so I got out on the tractor and turned the gravel on the upper driveway, dug out the bushes and small trees I wanted out of the “front” yard. Cleared some of the winter damage to the path around the back of our property.

Then the Dog and I took off all our clothes and just laid out in the sun for awhile. Take That Shiny White Ass Blinding All Your Satellites, NASA!

Today was nicer but I got busy doing Freeze Dryer stuff between getting X-Plane12 and MS Flight Sim up and running the way I want them to run. Lots of time downloading all my X-Plane 12 compatible stuff I’d already bought. And, of course, I HAD to load a flight (or two) to make sure it all worked. Everything worked pretty good until I tried loading the scenery files for the Grand Canyon West Rim that I bought last year. This computer just won’t handle it. CPU fan ramps up to about 90000k revolutions and sounds like an actual prop engine running out of control. Almost expected smoke …

So, I need a bigger computer to really run these right.


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