It Got SO Cold In My Garage Last Night!

How cold did it get, Brother King?

The drain valve on my freeze dryer froze in the open position.


So, having to heat the pantry to do a load of banana’s.

Still, not as bad as that 100 mph wind going through the Gorge right now.

Dang, that’s a first for me. Usually, when I start the freeze dryer it tells me to not do anything for 15 minutes.This time I hit the start button and it told me to load the trays. AND that the room is kinda cold (24 degrees) and the pump may not work right and give me errors. Dang. At least the valve unfroze.

Turned the heater to high. New summer project may be to rip out and rebuild the pantry.

Man, that 1.FM Deep House Radio is kicking it! Nice!

Oops, lazy Sunday now. Other than watched a lot of YouTube video’s on freeze drying (mostly) to learn about home made MRE’s, some dishes, taking a load out (bananas) and putting a load in (Nally’s Chili.  – 12 cans of Nally’s Chili), and making fried meatloaf patties, mashed, and peas for dinner, I really haven’t done much today.

My new (refurbished) 16 TB drive arrived today. DOA. Three different computers, three different operating systems (including a Windows 10 laptop), didn’t even recognize I’d attached a new drive (via usb). Finally installed it internally on my linux “ripping” machine. (The computer I have that I rip new movies/music with and all my scanning stuff through a windows vm). That recognized the drive.

No partition table. Of course. Neither GParted nor Discs able to get past the write/read errors to create a partition  table. Fsck & fdisk useless. dd was like: What drive? After a couple of hours I finally gave up. Will TRY to return the thing. Good luck with that.

I even put the drive in the RSHTECH disc clone thingie I have and it did not see the drive.

Anywho, Wx clear but Cold. Pantry finally got over 30 degrees. Nothings frozed in there; yet.

Our view on our walk this morning. (Sorry about the size.)

Y’all send westfargomusings some good vibes. He needs them.

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