Probably Cost More Than It Should Have, But I’m Glad I Got My Turkey Breasts Last Week

I look better with Turkey Breasts. The breasts I had were just old guy tits.

And, yeah, they probably did cost too much (still, less than $2/lb) compared to the prices that I would/could have paid if I had waited, but with the supply chain problems ONLY GETTING WORSE over the next few weeks (Thanks to the Brandon Administration and their covid mandates) that I really didn’t mind paying the “extra’ to be sure I got them.

But still glad I have a pantry full of dried goods and Thrive and a freezer full of “stuff.” And enough solar to run the freezer for awhile each day if I need to.

It’s Friday. Date Day. But since my Date is in the hospital I just stayed at home with the Dog. We were inside/outside/inside depending on if it was raining or not. It was mostly not until late afternoon.

Scanned another large pile of old documents. But just the stuff that I think we could, possibly, maybe, who-the-fuck-knows one day might need. I’m pretty sure that the one document I burn without scanning will be the ONE that I need to save our house or something sometime in the future.

But I’m paranoid that way having been bitten in the ass by more than one State when my Ex- would claim I hadn’t paid child support for the last year. Which she did occasionally; and it was only by saving the paperwork that I was able to keep my over-payment down to about $12k over the years.

But don’t get me started.

The Headline says:Democrats push tax break for high-income earners in last-minute social spending package revision. What the Headline means is: We Lost An Election and are scared and need to be re-elected so here’s what we’ll do until we win the next election when we’ll go back to our crazy shit.

See, I’m learning Democrat Politics.

Made some fried rice with ham chunks and scrambled eggs mixed in for dinner. Went back for seconds. Pressure pot cooked that rice just right. Will have to try that for SWMBO when she gets home.

Speaking of whom: I’m finding letters that she sent me way before we got married. My My, How Things Change! 😁

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