Jun 30

It’s About Time To Catch Up!

Well, I’ve been really busy the past week and here we go…
Friday, 24 June: Beginning of the annual Ham Field Day. I took the water & chips I’d bought to the MC-ARC Field Day site just north of Shelton, Wa and dropped them off. Spent some time helping a couple of the guys set up for field day. Stringing antanna’s and such. Forgot I’d left my handheld in the truck and spent almost an hour searching for it in the bush. Man, did I ever feel the fool when I remembered I’d left it in the truck! Got home a lot later than I usually stay out.

Saturday, 25 June: Got up early and headed out for Green Mountain and the joint North Kitsap ARC & NMARES field day. Spent most of the day wandering among the different radio setups and made the first 5 contacts on the GOTA(?) station. Took a butt-ton of pictures and was interviewed by a reporter (none of it used except my picture (which I would have preferred not be used)) and generally had a great time just hanging around. We even had a bunch of Scouts come by and got them all to talk on the GOTA station.

Sunday, 26 June: Got up early and headed out to the MC-ARC field day site just north of Shelton, WA. Spent a few hours just hanging around shooting the bull with the guys that were left doing field day stuff. Only a couple of folks were left and it was kind of boring “radio wise”. Around noon we started to break everything down and then I came on home.
KE7PHU working a contact.

KE7PHU working a contact.

And that was my weekend. Next entry will be about the trip SWMBO took me on for my 59th Birthday!