Smallville Season Premiere Is Coming Up!

As much as I like the show, I wouldn’t recommend watching Smallville on "The CW". Too Damned Many Commercials!! Except for the season premiere I think I’ll just wait until I can download them and watch the shows on my computer. THANKS to all those people that edit the commercials out and make it available for downloading! (Usually within hours.)

AND when the stations finally get Really Stupid and start including commercials in the DVD versions of shows I like; well, I can edit the commercials out myself. Or just quit watching the shows…

AND if any television stations are reading this; Take Those Damned Commercial Thingies Off The Bottom Of The Screen! Man, I hate those! Take that damned station identifier off also. I know what channel I’m watching or I wouldn’t be watching it. There isn’t a day goes by that the television stations don’t make a case for NOT watching broadcast tv anymore.

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