Basically, Knee Surgeon Is Very Satisfied With My Progress

Got to my appointment just a bit early; but I’m retired Navy and if you aren’t there 15 minutes early, you’re late. Lots of sitting around in the waiting room. Got called back to the exam room and checked in there and waited about 15 minutes for the Doc to show up.

I tried not to fart. Really. Those exam rooms are really small and some of my farts are, well, a bit overpowering at times even in the largest of rooms. I didn’t want this to be one of those times. So I tried holding the thing.

But, exactly 3 seconds before he walked in, Brrrrrtttttt. When he walked in I warned him with “It Figures!” What figures? “Three seconds ago I farted the fart I’ve been trying to hold so we all don’t get too grossed out.” He told me not to worry about it; that he’s treated OLD GUYS before.

He’s going to get high ratings from me on the survey he asked me to take.

So, doing well. He’s impressed with the range of motion and all. Outside is healed pretty good and not looking too bad. Told me to come back in a year.

You Bet!

Home Depot guy came over this afternoon to measure the door leading out to the deck for replacement. All he does is take measurements though. Now we have to go back to the Home Depot and they’ll design the actual door/sidelights there and figure out how much. The other window guy came in at $20K. Let’s see how Home Depot does.

And, yes, $20k for a door to go out on the deck. A door. A glass door, for sure, but, a dang door. $20k. The only thing I didn’t like about the Anderson guy was the “This price is only good for 48 hours and then it goes to this price.” which seems kind of like ‘pressure sales’ tactics to me. I don’t like that. Anywhere. So, IF we go with Anderson I’m thinking they can do the ‘sale’ price anyway if they want my business. Or I can call and make an appointment for them to come out and measure the door and submit their bid again.

Restocking my thumb drives since I’ve managed to give all mine away or lose them. Surprising how many of those things I still use. Truck music is the big one but SWMBO’s Dad and I sent files back and forth too. Raspberry Pi’s use up a lot. Ah, well.

Think I’ll let SWMBO take me to El Sombrero’s tomorrow for date day.

Watching the original GOJIRA with subtitles.

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