Kind Of A Nice Day Out

Still a bit too cool for me though. Poop Dog seemed to enjoy it on our walk.

Not much going on. SWMBO and I went on our usual Friday date yesterday. Went to FPH for breakfast. I almost always have the Hobo Omlette. With 2 containers of salsa. Yummy. Just spent the rest of the day lounging around the house.

Got up early and drove to Kent, WA for a "Hamfest." Wasn’t worth the gas and time to and from. There was about 8 guys with booths selling some really OLD stuff and still everything was out of my financial league. Oh well, maybe I’ll win the handheld unit they were raffling off… Was kind of a nice ride until the traffic got really heavy going from I5 to Hwy 16.

Not doing much now but sitting around for a few minutes. Going to take another look at my radio. I’m still damned frustrated that I got my ticket and haven’t been able to talk on my radio. Seems to transmit CW fine; won’t do voice. On any band. Bummer!

Think I’ll set my camera up to record some clouds…

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