Pretty Much A Normal Week Around Here.

Meaning I really haven’t done much to write about. Except for the Septic Pump going out and having to be replaced and working on the RV when I can pretty much nothing has happened around here.

RV roof leaks towards the back (over the bed) probably because the previous owner just slathered some kind of tar over the joins for the roof vent instead of taking the damned thing out and doing the job right. So, I get to do that when it stops raining. Meanwhile, we’ve joined the ranks of rednecks all over the world by putting a big blue tarp over the top of the RV until I can get out there and repair it like it should have been in the first place.

Started pulling the vinyl covering off the ceiling of the bedroom of the RV and bared all the wood so I can start it drying. Thinking of replacing it with some kind of veneer after fixing the leaks. Also need a couple of gallons of paint to paint where all the wallpaper is. Will probably have to remove the wallpaper before painting. Nice SUMMER project.

Speaking of projects: We were going to redesign our kitchen (in the house) but haven’t settled down to actually do that yet. SWMBO hasn’t given me any plans on how she wants the thing to look/function. Plus coming up with the bucks to do it has been kind of hard lately. Too many other things to spend our money on! And we need to start saving for our trip to the Grand Canyon and Mississippi for the reunion this year. Ah well, maybe next year.

Ooooh, the sun’s out! How unusual after 7 straight days of rain. Area went on record for the 3rd wettest March ever. I hate this damned state. No, actually, I hate this damned weather! State’s okay. Lots of pretty scenery and all but the Wx sucks!

If I’d have won that $654 MILLION Mega-Lotto (or even a third of it) you can be damned sure I’d have moved someplace warmer!!! Guam sounds good right about now.

Went and changed my profile at so my Facebook & Twitter pages are updated automatically when I’m “on-air” or make a contact. Haven’t been doing too much “radio stuff” lately as I’ve been too busy doing other things. Starting to slack off a bit now so I’ll be getting back to making contacts. Have been doing the regular Nets but haven’t been doing too much else. That 6btv antenna I bought it working really well and should work a lot better when I finally get the radials straightened out. Been too wet out to get out and get that done.

Map of the places my blog has been visited from. Really appreciate y’all checking in here. Told you it was boring!!!!!

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