Talk About Unintended Consequences …

Not actually “proven,” but, I really think that when I quit eating cereal for breakfast, and the freeze dried banana’s and blue berries and raisins I spread over said cereal, that I lowered my Potassium enough to set off the AFib. Since I’ve “restocked” with potassium the AFib went away. Mostly. Still get the occasional twinge; but no where near that constant fluttering I had for the entirety of last month.

So, in trying to get healthier I damned near killed myself.

Holy Crap! I just realized how much time has passed since my last post. Damn! Where does the time go?

Work is really progressing in the FILA now. Mostly. Still updating pictures for family, friends, and those just interested. (What few there are left; what with me being the oldest living member of my side of the family. HEY SIS! You still out there?)

Sorry. Got sidetracked.

Been to Home Depot a couple of times this week already and we have to make another trip tomorrow for the shower tile so that job can get done. The contractor chi sled out the pad and will be installing the zero-entry shower pan this coming week. Hopefully.

Made a trip to Tacoma (I HATE going across the bridge or into Tacoma) to the Yes Cabinets to return the 24″ wide cabinet for a 21″ cabinet. They found a teeny tiny small scratch (probably a whole .02″ long) on the very upper edge of the cabinet door (where it would never had been seen once installed) so wouldn’t take the $300 cabinet back. So SWMBO bought the one we need for $200. And we get to keep the $300 cabinet. SWMBO wants to keep it in the basement for “just in case” so don’t get me started.

Happy Wife, Happy Life.  My ass. It’ll be a long time before YES Cabinets gets any more of my business.

We stopped by what was the Sears “scratch and dent” store now going by another name but still basically the same and bought a brand-new slightly scratched dish washer for $300. They made a big deal about loading it into the truck for me but I’d have to unload it at home. Peh. Thing weighs less than 50 lbs and was not problem for even this OLD guy. Contractor already built a box around it. Looks good.

We also stopped by the Tacoma Boy’s (?) veggie place and bought 20 lbs of apples for $20. HUGE things. So big that they can’t go through the apple corer/slicer thingie I usually use. So I’ve been using a mandolin and being REALLY careful about where my fingers and palm are. So far I’ve made 15 (freeze dryer) trays, gave 3 apples to the construction crew downstairs, and still have 3 apples sitting on the counter. That’s a LOT of apples. I think next time I’ll just get 10 lbs.

Got out on the tractor and pushed a couple more trees over in the front yard so I can plant rose bushes for SWMBO. Started clearing more trails out in the back 40 so she and her cat can walk different places. She wants it more “park like.” Parks for me are like in and around the San Fernando Valley (mowed and sidewalks). Parks for her are more like someplace called the “Upper Peninsula.” (Michigan). We’re still trying to figure it out.

I am loving that induction stove! It’s surprising the things one can do when one has precise temperature control. From melt-in-your-mouth Southern buttermilk fried chicken to the salmon we had tonight; it just keeps getting better. And I’m really learning how to use iron too.

I hear Ice Cream calling …

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