Testing Blogilo In LinuxMint 14

That’s really it; just testing this Blogilo program in Linux Mint 14.

Will probably delete this post later…
Not much else going on. Cold and slightly wet out but the Dog and I went for a walk anyway.
SWMBO is off to the Genealogy Library in Bremerton for the day.
Watching shows about Dinosaurs that I downloaded.
Setting up LinuxMint 14 and installing programs I think I might like to try. Danged Software Manager doesn’t appear to want to install every program I choose to install though. Nor will the System Update download all the files it needs to update the system. ??? Maybe I ought to wait for Linux Mint 14.2!?
Funny though. I just installed WindowsXPPro in a virtual box on this Linux Mint which is a virtual machine on my Windows 7 computer. Just to see if I could and it appears to be working well.

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