I’m Sick. Not sick sick. But Not Feeling..

Well at all. Caught a cold, I think. Runny nose. Cough. Just feeling blah. Then I also ate meatloaf last night (it was yummy) but then forgot to take my enzyme; so I’m paying the price of stupidity there also. (Look up: Dumping Syndrome. It’s the fat in beef that does it to me. Thought you’d want to be grossed out by an old guy’s bodily functions. You’re welcome.)

Dang! And SWMBO took me out to breakfast this morning. (Nice being out with her anytime!) Ate at a place in town cause she had a 1300 genealogy class in Port Orchard she wants to go to. I’ve not had one meal at this place that I would go back for.

Just Playing With Vue7

So, haven’t been doing much today. Playing with Vue and watching shows I’ve downloaded. Straightening up some. Feeling my feet slowly go numb from all this sitting around.

Just Playing With Vue7

Regular Old Dude Stuff! No “flying” today; too wet and windy. Supposed to be a chance for thunder & lightning this weekend. One can only hope… I’ll keep my camera ready just in case.

Overdressed? Overdressed!?

And that’s about it for now. Think I’ll spend the rest of the evening just veg’ing  out.

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