Started Out A Normal Saturday…

SWMBO getting up and rushing off to the Genealogy Library in Bremerton. Our Son finally stumbling out of bed and upstairs to cook himself breakfast. Me perusing the latest tv downloads and the Net.


And then the hail started. And lasted all of 2 minutes. I set my camera up just in case there was any thunder along with the hail. Nope. Think I’ll leave it running “just in case.”

I am feeling better today than I did yesterday. Still have a cough but the Robitussen seems to be helping with that. Thank goodness! Danged stuff had me pretty drowsy last night so I didn’t read as long as I usually do before turning over to go to sleep.


Noon and still no lightning or thunder. Figures. Took the Drone out for a flight while it wasn’t raining. Didn’t crash into anything. That’s a big plus!

Son is making “surf-n-turf” for dinner. He got a pretty good deal on lobster tails at Safeway last night. I’d rather he saved up for a new(er) car! Smile


Just not much else going on. In a kind of “Let’s Watch LA Get Leveled” kind of mood. Battle Los Angeles, War Of The Worlds (1953) and Them kind of day…

SWMBO took me to Lowe’s and let me spend too much money on 20 2×4” studs to start building our son his own room in the basement. Have to move all of my “shop” out of the way, and a butt-ton of other stuff, but I think we can do it. Won’t even have to run any electrical wires as he can use the existing sockets and the wall heater (if he needs to). We’ll probably get started on that tomorrow…

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