Other Than That, It Was A Nice Day…

Rained pretty much most of the day. Got kinda windy late afternoon. Cold front moving through.

I asked SWMBO where she would like to go if she could go out to eat. She picked Arby’s. Asked her who she’d like to take her there; she said me. So I took her to Arby’s (in Silverdale) for dinner.


While we were out there we stopped and closed our accounts at the old bank. They said they were sorry to see us go. I said that if they had kept the office in Belfair open we’d still be customers. (See, it’s my idea that one should not have to drive over 30 minutes to get to a LOCAL bank. If I can’t get to it in less than 10 minutes (in traffic) then it ain’t LOCAL.)

SWMBO was complaining about the wind & rain when we came out of Safeway; and I reminded her that SHE wants to live in Washington state. The nerve! Smile


Still getting my radio set up. Programmed in all the local Police/Sheriff/Fire freqs into their own memory banks (ma=local repeaters. mb=Fire/Police/Sheriff) and still have about 180 more memory slots to play with. I try to set them up depending on what I think I’ll want to scan. I have 5 memories with lower/upper limits that I set up to scan 10,12,15,17 & 20 meters only in the range that I’m allowed to operate SSB/USB. I’ll just have to keep my handy dandy chart, well, handy for operating on 30, 40, 60, 80 & 160 meters. No biggie!


Still planning to do PSK31 on 2-meters also.

Still can’t get the computer to firmly connect to the radio. I really outta order that new cable before I get to taking the radio apart. I’m still just learning this stuff and don’t really want to take the radio apart if I don’t have to.

MCARC meeting tomorrow morning. Early. Already have all the financial stuff done and ready to turn in. Being Treasurer isn’t a hard or time consuming job; thank goodness. But I think I’ll go back to being just a member at the end of this term.

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