Except For Having To Climb On The Roof…

It was a fairly normal Sunday. SWMBO made dinner (2nd day in a row!); carbonized steak, taters all-rotten & Peas and it was delicious!

Rained most of yesterday but not really that much today. Managed to get out and “fly” a couple of times. Really too windy to go very high though. And it just feels danged cold out.


MCARC Sunday Chat Net went well even though we had only 4 check-ins. Guess everyone that usually joins us was busy doing other things. But, that’s okay; we all get busy sometimes.

Not me though. Other than regular housework and some laundry I really haven’t done anything of note this weekend. Still setting up the radio (programming in all those frequencies is a pain! Think I’ll order the programming cable.)

Colt Ad 1991A1

Speaking of ordering: I ordered a Kodak P811BK 8×10 Personal Photo and Negative Scanner from Amazon and it should be here in about a week. Figured it would be much easier to stuff in my backpack and take with me than the scanner/printer I use now. AND it might free up some desk space! (That would be a GOOD thing.)

Used to be!

Just not much going on. Oh, why I had to climb on the roof: To untangle and retrieve my Drone, of course! Took off and ran straight into an antenna wire. Doofus!!

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