Nother Busy Day

Flooring mostly. SWMBO helped me pull the old (damned ugly!) flooring up and even helped put some of the new flooring in. Looking Good! Really, I can’t tell you how much better this new flooring looks over the old flooring. I didn’t realize how sick I was of that gray tile until we started replacing it with this Maple stuff. Yowza!


Can’t find any kielbasa in the freezer so I’m going to make red beans & rice with shrimp for dinner. May mix some veggies in also.

Dinner turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. Added corn to the mix and it tasted nice. A bit spicy for SWMBO but she ate it all. Cool!


This is, of course, a before & after view from my office/room into the kitchen. It looks SO much better!

Time for the MCARC 10-meter Chat Net. (Went well. Heard most everyone.)

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