Yep. Tuesday. I Can Tell.

Well, the cabinet folks showed up bright and early. 0945 or so. They’re still getting set up and figuring out where to start. They’ve already asked me a couple of questions that I’ve had to say “I’ll ask SWMBO” to. I’m letting them use the garage for the next however many days.

2014-02-11 11.06.03

Not much else going on. Weather weenies say a storm is moving in and should be raining and really windy by this afternoon. Oh, Joy. Ought to make sure all my antenna’s are secure. And the plastic chairs outside tend to fly around in the wind.


Well, at the end of the first work day on the new cabinets, I see a mess. That’s about it. This is gonna take awhile.

The New Doors

Lot’s of rain and some wind on the way to/from picking SWMBO up at the Ferry Landing. Was kind of nice just relaxing there, reading, and listening to the rain on the roof of the truck. Even the drunks at the bar there stayed inside.

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