Pretty Nice Wx Day!

Which means it was rarely cloudy, the sun was out, and it got up to around 60+ degrees here. Hot enough for me and the Dog to take off all our clothes and lay out a couple of hours! (It’s supposed to be warmer the next 2 or 3 days!)

Of course, that means I didn’t get everything done in the MILA that I wanted to get done today. Got it all wiped down as much as I’m going to wipe things down. Repaired the blinds in the little bedroom. Took all the cabinet doors off and all the shelves out. Started masking things off I don’t want to paint. Will finish that tomorrow, clean up and cover the floors, and Wednesday I should be able to paint the kitchen and living room. Then we’ll go from there.


Gotta go by Cash&Carry on the way to pick SWMBO up tonight. They have Boneless Beef Chuck Roll for $2.85/lb. I don’t mind grinding it up and making my own burger. I make burger that’s like 99% fat free. Sometimes I have to add water to it to make it cook right. Causes a lot less problems with my missing gallbladder though.


But right now I think I’ll make me one of those Michael Angelo’s Meat Lasagna’s. Not a bad single meal for less than $3.

I just remembered! I’m 2 years and 11 days without a cigarette! Cool!

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