Gonna Be Another Warm Day! Cool!

Started out pretty normal and pretty much stayed that way up until now (1435). Had to get dressed to make a run into town to return movies to Safeway (I still miss Blockbuster) and get gas for the truck. That changed soon as I got home.


Got out and gave the Truck it’s annual washing. Except I think I missed last year so it was really past due. Looks good. Not too many bangs and scratches for a 9 year old truck that just went over 100k miles.

Watered the garden and picked off the ripe cherry tomato’s. Toured the back 40. About to go out and collect some more rocks OR finish painting the deck railing. Haven’t decided which yet. In either case it’s Hot out there and I don’t want to waste it.

Really worked up a sweat collecting rocks this afternoon. Was fun. Neighbors kinda freaked to see a naked fat old guy out in the driveway with a shovel. Luckily they drive by only occasionally! I’m so glad we live out in the country.


Not much else going on. SWMBO is home and has her dinner made. I’ve had my dinner earlier. Was watching “Amazing Spiderman 2” but now into “Planet 51.”  Forgot all about the local Nets tonight.

Having some pain in my Left chest. II ‘m fairly sure it’s from overexerting myself today. No other symptoms (shortness of breath, diaphoresis, or any real fluttering) so I’m just going to take a chill pill and go from there. If it gets any worse I’ll have SWMBO take me to the hospital. Thank Goodness I’m Not on Obamacare!

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