Hot Tuesday. Only 85 Though.

But, it’ll do. Today has been one of the most SSDD Day’s that I have ever had around here. Which means boring, for you, if you expect me to have any earth shattering pronouncements or happenings. Unless you consider watering the lawn and Garden important to the National Security, the overall health of the World, or pointing to the destiny of the Universe; then, nope.


Made the bed, got the dishes done, and generally straightened up around the house. Took Dog for a tour of the back 40. Weeded. Tore out the dead pea plants. Picked veggies that needed to be picked. Maters are starting to come in.

Exciting shit, I know. But that’s my life, and, other than one day making SWMBO a wonderful wife there just isn’t much going on in my normal, usual, daily life.


Oh, I did forget to get dressed before driving down to check the mail. Hate doing that only because I wouldn’t know what to do if the truck broke down. But I get busy doing things and think “quick trip” and off I go. One would think I’m old. One would be correct.

I Need A Video Wall Like This!

SWMBO’s Son is picking her up tonight. He’s going to Calif Thursday to visit his “real” Dad so I’ll be taking her into work Friday (and Monday & Tuesday, I think). That’s okay. I like riding with her!

MCARC 10-meter Chat Net @ 1930. Looks like I’m going to make it this week. Cool!

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