Enter A Post Title? Is That Like Be A Lert?

Fairly normal morning. Got kind of bored about 0700 and uploaded the panorama’s I’ve made, so far, up to Flickr. You can see them here, if you feel like wasting a few minutes. And then I made a butt-ton more from earlier pictures. Moving stuff around on my hard drives trying to get somewhat organized. Updating my Google & OneDrive pictures and accounts. Kind of watching a bunch of fan made Doctor Who trailers on YouTube. (I’ve become quite the Whovian.)


Thinking about making my laptop my “radio” computer again since I got the new CAT cable that works every time. Then I could attach a second monitor. Would also keep the laptop updated for when I take it into the field or on a trip somewhere. Yep, think I’m going to do that. But I really need a new laptop. The one I have is about 7 years old and the DVD drive has gone Tits Up. Finding a new DVD drive for it is almost as expensive as just buying a new laptop.


Made a JT65A contact with JA3FQO on 5 watts. That’s in Sennan city osaka,Japan. About 7676 KM. Cool. JT65 doesn’t do voice; just signals passed back and forth. Seems kinda, I don’t know, boring to me.


Since I had the time, I made my world famous Chili-Baked Chicken & Onion Rings for dinner. Which was good. As usual. I’m a fairly decent cook; I just don’t like cooking for one. Usually.


And that’s it again.

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