Testing. Again.

IONOS.com had a “deal” on WordPress hosting that I couldn’t resist. My “real” site, stanking.org (established 2007), is a self-hosted WordPress blog. And then I have backup blogs at Blogger and WordPress (cause one never knows when ones Conservative viewpoints will get one shit canned from a site).

Anyway, my site costs me a pretty penny annually and I have to maintain it myself. Well, pretty penny is just over $80 and I do all the work. This new site is a “managed” site, meaning they do all the updating and maintenance, for around $35/yr. Which sounds pretty good to me right now being retired and on a fixed income and all. (And really fat and approaching 70 if y’all must know.)

Problem is: SWMBO has her e-mail that she’s been using these past 13 years or so that she likes. Highly resistant to switching over to gmail. Or changing her routine in any way, shape, or form. Thirteen Thousand unread e-mails not withstanding.

Plus, half my e-mails would quit working and I’d have to figure out how to do this post by e-mail stuff all over again. Hmmm… Wonder if I could kill off stanking.org, then start the e-mail only hosting (with free domain) with stanking.org?  She’d lose any incoming e-mail that she hadn’t already downloaded. Their Mail Basic 25 offer is appealing.

And, yeah, the “free” (meaning it has ads) hosting at WordPress and Blogger are okay. But, like I mentioned, you could wake up and find your site missing because someone took offense at one of your posts (from 9 or 10 years ago even).

Sometimes I ain’t as quick as I used to be.

Sometimes I used to be quicker.

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