ISIS. The Result Of Feminism?

Wow. A Semi loaded with Bees overturned on I-5 North. What a sticky situation!


Not much else going on this early. Ought to get off my fat old ass and get my day started. What to do today? Maybe I ought to get that pool set up? Go bowling around noon? Move my 2-meter antenna to where I really want it? Buy/Rent a pressure washer and get to cleaning the moss off my roof? (Actually, that sounds like a job for a much warmer day. And someone else.)


Decided not to go bowling today at 1200 as I get to go into town anyway to pick SWMBO up. Have to save gas where I can, you know. Of course, I may still go around 1600, bowl a couple of games, then waste time until time to pick her up. Sounds like a plan.


Meanwhile, it’s getting kinda sorta warm out. Think I’ll burn the trash (if it ain’t too breezy). Which it was. So I made a trip to ACE and got some peas, bell peppers, some other peppers, and some of those cherry tomato plants. Then the Dog and I worked in the garden for an hour or so.  Lookin’ good!

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