It Is Starting Out To Be One Of Those Days!

I usually get up early, start the coffee pot to perking so the coffee will get done (usually by the time I’m through with my morning pee), and turn the News on to see what’s happening around our area.


I can’t do it anymore. I’m finally sick and tired of what people complain about (some really stupid shit) and what “they” consider News. Especially when an Anchor says something like “It Could Have Been Worse” or “It Would Have Been Worse.”

So, lately, I’ve been hanging on until the Weather report, then turning it off cause I just can’t stand anymore bitching. Mostly I think I can’t stand the People of America anymore. I Love America; can’t stand the whiney, pansy-assed people they’ve become. What a bunch of fuckin’ wimps!


But, don’t get me started.

Could be Winter setting in too. Not as much time outside does mean more time in front of the “boob tube” than I usually have. Well, not necessarily more time in front of the TV. but a lot more sitting around than I’m used to. I need to get my Winter Projects sorted out, planned out, and started. Quit being so damned lazy.

Made a run to Walmart in Port Orchard for a new mouse. Dropped the Netflix off at the Post Office but, naturally, forgot to take Tremors 5 to drop off at Safeway on the way back. Now I get to make another trip into town. Good thing I have a truck and not a horse!


Also picked up “Chronicles of Riddick” on Blu-Ray for $5. And the first season of JAG for $8. Not bad. New mouse is installed and working just fine; so that might be $14 well spent bucks. (Gonna take some getting used to though. Moves fast!) Really didn’t want a wireless mouse, but that was all they had.

So, made the run back to Safeway to drop off the movie. On the way back I came up to the 4-way stop and stopped. Idiot came up on the left to the left turn lane, barely paused, then headed into his turn just as I started across. And he had the balls to give me a dirty look! Idiot.

Just looking through my photo’s on Flickr. Every time I see my lovely bride of almost 30 years I break out in a smile. She still does that too me even after so long!


And that’s pretty much it again. And again. SWMBO is home safe and sound. I need to put the bed back together before I can go lay down. (Long story.)

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