What A Week! So Far, That Is.

Monday, Columbus Day, after getting fed up with the News and the people with various piercings tell me how deserved (and wonderful) Indigenous People’s Day is, I still checked the mailbox twice on the way back in from town. Totally slipped from my Old, feeble, Mind that it was a damned holiday and the Post Office (Banks, etc.) wouldn’t be open. Damn, I’m getting Old.

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Tuesday I started getting a headache around 1000. Really came on around 1300 so I sent an e-mail to KE7NUQ and the Instructor (N7HT) that I probably wasn’t going to make the Extra Class. Then, around 1700 I finally had the prodrome that I usually get well before the headache. Like looking through a band of heat-wave. Then KE7NUQ showed up at 1735 ready to head out to class. (I still didn’t go. Don’t trust myself to drive while I have a headache. Nor would being in a moving vehicle have done me any good!) Damned headache lasted until around 2200. At least it was gone by the time I went to sleep.


To top that off, SWMBO’s cat, Gus, laid down in the Big Room sometime yesterday and died. We think he just got too old (about 12 Human years). I left him where he was until she got home so she could say any last goodbye’s she had. She was a bit upset but this is the latest in a long line of cat expirations she’s experienced throughout her life. She’ll still miss Gus but life goes on.

So, today about all I’ve done is my usual chores and dig a 3’x3’x3’ hole for Gus out in the back 40. Our ground is rocky as hell so it took awhile. Got it done and Gus buried so that’s done. I guess I’ll miss Gus a little bit too; he really was a pretty mellow cat. (I;m not really an animal person. Can’t see any reason to feed an animal you aren’t going to eat.)


Watched a bunch of video’s on YouTube about the Raspberry PI. Thinking of getting one and playing with it. Thinking that one of those would make the perfect “desktop” computer for SWMBO since most everything she does is online. About the only stuff she saves locally is her mail in Thunderbird. The occasional picture for her genealogy. (Even those can be stored online.) So maybe I’ll put one together for her to play with and save a lot of room on her desk.

Not much else going on. Feeling kinda blah for some reason. Can’t be from digging a hole and doing my regular chores. Probably because otherwise I did a lot of sitting around today. Just didn’t feel like doing much more.


MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Evening Chat Net went well. The Tech Dudes wired in a different amplifier so the repeater was sounding pretty good. Not good enough to change our minds about getting a new repeater; but good.

I’m going to bed.

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