Got Oot And Aboot For A Bit Today

Decided to get my Old Ass out of the house for a bit; had to take Netflix to the Post Office anyway. So I made the rounds of the “junk” shops in town. Homes For Humanity, JK’s Antique’s, Faith In Action. Missed the new one that opened but will get it in the future. Something to look forward to.


Found 3 small steel bowls in decent condition for a fair price at JK’s. Luckily it was half-off Tuesday! Cost me a whopping $4! Otherwise, saw a lot of cool stuff, but nothing worth either buying or paying the price they were asking. Why do most junk stores price their shit like you can’t do without it? They’d probably get rid of more of their stuff if they settled on a price, then immediately cut it by 50%.


Anywho, that (along with stopping at the Post Office (thought I’d forgotten that, didn’t ya?)) took a whole 1.5 hours! But it was kind of fun. Maybe I ought to head into Bremerton and do the same tomorrow. Supposed to be a fairly nice day. Would get me off my ass for awhile.

Friend came over and we worked on the Linksys boxes setting up Mesh-Net. Got two of them seeing each other. Only took 3.5 hours and 53,000 reboots of both routers and computers to do it. Damn, we good! More! More! Give Me More!


And that’s about it for the day again. Not a whole lot going on. SWMBO is home safe. Delivered the Renter’s mail. Played with the Mesh-Nodes a bit more (unsucessfully this time. Can’t get them to actually talk to each other). I’m off to read a bit.

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