Wet. Windy. Power Flickering. Cool!

Each of my monitors has different backgrounds from our latest trips around. I find that, even though I enjoy all the pictures, those that pop up with my Lovely Young Bride of almost 30 years seem to be my favorite. I cannot help but smile each time I see her face on one of my screens! Wonder why that is?


Braved both downpour and traffic and drove to the COSTCO in Silverdale to “upgrade” my phone. Lady pulled up our account information and asked me for a password for our account. Password? What password? Nothing I could remember (which wasn’t much and included misremembering SWMBO’s last 4) worked. Holy Shit In A Handbasket. Wasted trip. More traffic, and rain, on the way home.

But I did stop and get a 3-piece chicken tenders $5 buck lunch on the way home. Not much consolation; but something. And I got what they were looking for from SWMBO after I got home.

Now the lights are flikering and I should probably turn my computer off before it goes out completely. Getting windy out there! Think I will shut down. Later.


I be back. Had a couple of flickers that reset the clocks (Thanks, Mother Nature!). Heard several reports of trees down across powerlines and roads a bit earlier. It did get rather windy out there. Hope the Ferry still runs tonight and SWMBO gets home.

A friend of mine, a new Technician, came over to take part in the MCARC 10-meter chat Net. Didn’t have a “net” exactly, but he did get to talk to someone else on 10-meters. Cool. Then we spent a couple ot hours doing “radio stuff” and just talking about different things. Was fun.


But it’s past my bedtime now.

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