Still Another Nice Hot Day!

bad6aSo, what did I do? Got outside, of course! Mixed 6 bags of cement mix (2 at a time) for three of the raised bed’s. It got pretty warm and I was dripping sweat by the time I said “To Heck With This!” (Which is not the actual quote.) Still, nice to have three of them done and hardening. About time to order that special dirt SWMBO likes to get to grow things in. Maybe I’ll put some pants on and go get some mater plants? And I should get started on the Peas.

Bolero09bInstead, I mowed the front-lower & back yards. Really need to get out there with the whack-weeder. That (whateverthehellkindoftreeitis) is trying to take over the front-lower yard. Wouldn’t mind as I really do like that kind of tree, but, it wants the yard where our drain field is. Can’t have that. Don’t want the poop backing up into the house cause all the pipes are plugged up. If the drain field had been downhill instead of up (fuck you Mason County) then it wouldn’t be a problem. But Mason County is hooked on power. (Both kinds: power poop management & Power over the people.) So we have to pump our poop uphill. Last time we replaced the pump it cost over $1k.

Not a whole hell of a lot going on here. Cascadia Rising is going on the radio and there’s a lot of interesting traffic. Haven’t heard anything on HF but the 2-meter/440 is fairly active. Just waiting for the Military to invade my neighborhood …

2016-05-29 13.09.33

Well, it figures. Was looking forward to seeing (hearing?) how my long-wire dipole worked on the 10-meter Tuesday Evening Chat Net, but, SWMBO sent a message that I’ll have to pick her up at the Ferry Landing @ 1945. Right in the middle of the Net. I enjoy picking her up, but, wanted to test the antenna locally. Ah, well. There’s always next week. Or I can ask someone to get on tomorrow night or sometime.

Well, we be home. Always nice seeing her trudge up the hill to wherever I’m parked! She’s in BDing the Dog for getting into her trash basket again. Looks like no cookie tonight. Bummer.

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