Trip-Day 2. Unknown Miles

Took me all day to get from where I was to where I am though! I’m so tired!

We got up at 0600 and was on the road by 0700. Hit Ogden about 1100. I admit it.: SLC traffic had me in full fight-or-flight mode and I couldn’t get through there fast enough. As it was I got turned around in West Jordan looking for a Walmart (which I didn’t find until near Provo).

Along HWY-6

The ride from Spanish Fork to Price is absolutely beautiful!

OnStar sent me to a RV Park that didn’t exist when I asked them for directions to one in Price, Utah. Then the next girl sent me back North to Helper, Utah to one that was tiny tiny tiny and I had to back my trailer up almost a block.

Finally found this one in Wellington. It’s really a fleabag RV Park; but they had an empty (lots of empty) and was only $24 for the night. Got electric and that’s really all I need.

So, since it’s getting late I’m going to bed.

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