Shin Godzilla Did Not Impress Me!

And I am a big, big, Godzilla fan. Have been for almost 60 years. Started collecting all the Godzilla movies that have been released on Blu-ray, of which this is one, and was not impressed.


Oh, the “new” Godzilla (Gojira) was okay looking; except for that unblinking eye job. And he had too many laser beams shooting out of various places. Not cool. Wasn’t even that good looking. Nor was it really realistic in the Godzilla lexicon. Ah well. Did like that they used the original music and roar. Effects were pretty good. Not impressed.

Not a whole hell of a lot going on around here lately. Been fairly nice days so I’ve been out front working on the new steps or walking the Dog (and myself).


Cooked a piece of chicken covered in V8 in the crock pot for about  hours. Was good. Went along with the chunked boiled taters and the mixture of veggies I made from Thrive stuff. I may do that again!

My Schweetie is home and brought me softserve! Vanilla! Woo Woo! (She must like me)

No real MCARC 2-meter Net tonight, but some of us did “log on” and share our day. I got great signal reports from everyone. Cool!

Anywho, that’s really it. SSDD Every Day around here.

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