BTW – F**k Robert DiNero

Back when I used to do fun stuff!Actually had a couple of questions about that “monitor I put together for SWMBO” and thought I’d answer here. SWMBO teaches a Genealogy class at Church on most Sunday’s. She’s been hauling in her laptop and this 32” monitor and setting up her phone to access the Internet to show different genealogy video’s from YouTube or Ancestry. Lot’s to haul around and lots of hoping to get everything to work. (She is somewhat, ah, technically challenged. Still, a LOT better than when we first met!)

SO, I took one of my earlier model Pi’s and velcro’d it to the back of the monitor. Hooked n a wireless mouse/keyboard and have the Pi boot right into the KODI (well, it’s not called KODI anymore) media center. And that’s it. SWMBO downloads her video to a thumb drive, plugs it into the Pi, clicks on the file when the Pi boots, and she’s cooking with gas. Easy Peasy. (She likes it too.) Whole thing weighs less than 5 lbs.

Off A HangarI’m really liking these Raspberry Pi’s. Have one for SWMBO. One in the living room running KODI and hooked to the 65” TV. Setting up one to be a Print Server (works great!) and Document Scanner (doesn’t like the Brother scanner so will need to get a new one. With document feeder!) to replace the big Windows XP machine. And one for my radio stuff. That’s 4; so far. (In some ways a stripped down version of Windows 7 that would run on the Pi would be cool.)

Speaking of which: Have to choose if I’m going to use the Pi or my laptop for Field Day. Been using the laptop so it’s all set up and ready to go (but I really need to test that). OR, use the Pi which I can literally modify to run off a battery since I’m going to try to set up a solar system. Or both. Pi during the day and laptop at night.

GPNG-007Kind of a nice, if overcast, day so we got out and whack-weeded all the yards around the house and the garden. Even did the Poop Yard. Didn’t really get along our path today. Did get out there with the clippers and got some of the prickly bushes cut back though. Almost nice enough to take off all our clothes; but not quite. Especially once I cool down from my exertions. Still cool enough for way too many bugs to bother.

Making a couple of baked burrito’s and red beans and rice for dinner. Made some pumpkin bread a bit earlier for SWMBO.

We need to use our caravan more! Bothers me that we’re paying so much for the thing and we just aren’t using it. I know it’s a pain in the ass to tow too far; but we still need to use it. Maybe after Field Day me and the Dog can head out and camp somewhere. Maybe even close enogh for SWMBO to join us. (It really ain’t no fun nudist003without her and her doing the genealogy library on Saturday and teaching Genealogy at Church on Sunday, well, you can see how often she can get away.) Ah well.

BTW, the last post where I said: …Nothing seemed to be working until I remembered to hook up the various interfaces… I meant “Plug Shit In.” Just so’s ya know.

SWMBO is home and eating. Starting to sprinkle outside. My blood pressure is 130/80. Think I’ll go lay down and read a bit.

Before you go: add Maher, Milano, and Goldberg to that list.

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