I Can Only Please One Person Per Day. Today Is Not Your Day. Tomorrow Doesn’t Look Good Either.

Last Wednesday SWMBO and I made a shopping run and during that shopping run we bought a 37 lb chuck lump of meat at what used to be “Cash-n-Carry.” (Holy Fookin’ Hell it was spendy!)

Spent half of yesterday turning that into 25 1-lb sucker bagged ground chuck and almost 8 lbs of various chuck steaks (which I’ve never had that I can think of but it should go through the pressure pot like any other lump of meat) and a chuck roast (see previous parens…). Well, maybe not half the day; but a couple of hours at least. Took a video of me cutting it up but will have to edit it a bit before uploading it to YouTube.

So now we have our burger for the next 6-8 months sucker bagged and in the freezer.

Can’t wait to get a freeze dryer.

SWMBO always comes in when I start the grinding because I cut too much of the fat out and, sometimes, (Usually!) have to add some liquid to the pan to get it to cook right. I don’t eat much fat. Not since having my gall bladder removed (HAD to; not elective surgery just to remove something). So she comes in and adds some back. Because.

Yeah, I know about fat and how some is needed for taste and some is even good for you, BUT, dumping syndrome ain’t fun and I avoid it when I can. Usually with chicken. Lots of chicken.

Today was Date Day and she took me to the All-You-Can-Eat Chinese food place in Port Orchard. Jade something? I always get a couple of bites of everything I like and it’s always too much. But ice cream still fits no matter how stuffed I get. Rarely go back for 2nds but pay the higher price for buffet because a meal will get you only a few of the tastes. So it’s worth it to me.

And still the best part of any meal is her sitting across from me.

We’ve had a bit of snow around here the past week or so. ALL of it melted last night. My back yard has a river running through it from the drainage overflow from the water coming from uphill. Dog and I tried making a tour of the back 40 but it was just too wet. Feet got soaked anyway about 20 meters in. Old Guy. Cold Feet. Come on, Dog. Let’s go home.

Yes, I said Meters. Y’all might as well get used to it; metrics is going to take over and there is nothing you can do about it.

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