Fred Flintstone Was A Dick

Anyone else notice that after you grow older and go back to watch The Flintstones that Fred is pain in the ass? Overbearing. Loud. Pushy. And the “social norms” and “gender roles” wouldn’t be tolerated today! No freakin’ way. But as a kid is was funny as hell.

Our Wx Today

Supposed to rain all day. Which means I’ll get garbage burned; but not much else. OR I could get off my ass and get something else accomplished in the MILA. Which has been sort of on hold. But I gotta get it done. Getting too old for this shit.

In Indiana on our way home from the reunion trip

In this crazy rush for “social equality” the move to defund the police is probably the worst idea to hit the streets. But, y’all go ahead and do it. I’ll just buy more guns and ammo so I can protect myself and my lovely-young-bride of 34 years. Dipshidiots.

1e876abb-06d6-480c-ae6e-246fef9beccfAND I’m sick of being called Racist by people that don’t even know me. By people that don’t like me just because I’m white and supposedly have all this “privilege.” Whatever the hell that is. I think though, that you get what you give. Y’all quit hating me because I’m White beffore you demand that I not treat you differently. I usually treat others the way I’m treated. Get over yourselves.

Rained all freakin’ day. I really wish Summer would get the hell here.

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