I Got 7-8 Hours Sleep Last Night!!!!!!!!

So, I’m re-reading “The Sands of Mars” by Arthur C. Clarke (which I haven’t read since I was a teen) and am surprised what a real writer-scientist had to guess at (conditions on Mars or in Space) and still managed to get pretty much right. Not like our “Scientists” today who make shit up and fit their “data” to promote their supposition. And, yes, it is unfortunate that they’re is no Princess of Mars actually on Mars. (But how much you want to bet that’ll be the nickname of the first woman to land there?)

It’s very sunny, but COLD, out but I think I’m still going outside for awhile. Had a couple of humming birds buzz my head on our tour of the back 40 earlier. Guess I got too close to a nest or something. Is Spring almost here yet?

Got out and started trimming branches from this one tree that I’ve been meaning to trim the branches on for the past 8-9 years. Only got about half of the branches I want to get done; but feel good that I accomplished at least that much. But I gotta tell you: using that pole-saw thing is tiring! Getting too old for this crap!

Next radio project: Attach a Raspberry Pi4 to my Yaesu 857d and wirelessly get my Netbook to control it all. Gotta find pre-made data/cat cables that use the Sabrent USB audio dongle cause my soldering skills SUCK! Some nice video’s on YouTube about doing stuff like that to make the HFHamClock thingie. Fun! Maybe something to show off IF we ever start having our Club meetings in person again.

Y’all have a nice night!

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