After a relatively sleepless night full of imagined “worst case scenarios” and general “Fucks!” I finally found out SWMBO’s status.
Took 4 calls (getting put on forget twice and then hung up on each time), one “We’ll have her call.” that never happened, and the final “Shall I put you through to her room?” (which should have been the first option! and told me things were better (at least she wasn’t in ICU or worse)) I finally got to talk to her. She sounded much better. Wheezy, Woozie, and the sound of the oxygen feed was loud, but it was her and she seemed more at home (if you know what I mean).
Later her Nurse called and let me know what’s happening. She sounded nervous but young.
Mild pneumonia along with the covid (which is the norm lately). Her O2 sats are back up to 95+ consistently so they kinda sorta really aren’t worried. Says she’ll be on antibiotics (which is good for bacterial pneumonia but I didn’t realize they work for viral pneumonia (if there is such a thing) but I’m just an old retired field corpsman) for a couple days and then should be able to come home.
Looking forward to that.
Thanks to everyone for their well wishes. Appreciate your concern.
No, not out of the woods, yet; but on the edge of the fucking clearing.

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