Tremors Marathon Day. Just Because.

Incorrect Headline of the Day: Medical Miracle: Man Survives 9-Story Plunge to Certain Death

Should be a period after Plunge since it appears Death wasn’t so certain.

Not that I got to just sit and watch the Tremors movies. Too much to do.

Did tune in to 40 meters while eating my stir-fry for dinner. Some kind of “For Sale” net then just some folks talking. Colorado and Southern Calif and somewhere on the East Coast all coming in 5-9. Guy in Woody Creek, somewhere just checked in.

Think I’ll finish this tomorrow. It got late and I’m boring.

Fook this getting old crap! Was an ok day outside; only occasionally sprinkling, so I thought to do the yard waste burning. Which I did. And now my legs are sore from moving tree branches around and standing out and watching the fire to be sure it didn’t jump to the house or RV. Not a hard job. Not even physically taxing really. But my legs ache none-the-less. You know, I probably ignored my parents and grand-parents when they complained about the exact same things. That’ll teach ya!

Raining hard now. Heard thunder once earlier. Also heard a warplane but didn’t see it. They sound different; ya know.

Gazing at the fire I flashed back to my Dad and his “camping” trips that he used to take us on. At some point he’d pull out the bag of marshmallows and make us find some sticks. (Oh, and you HAD to participate cause “that’s what you do when you go camping!”) Then he’d pour about a gallon of gas into the sand/dirt, yell at us to “Stand Back!”, and flick a lit match at it. WHOOMP! You Got Fire! Now roast your damned marshmallows and be happy.

SWMBO doesn’t really understand why I associate roasting marshmallows over an open fire with the taste of burnt gas and that black coating wasn’t burned sugar.

SWMBO called earlier and she’s doing okay. Coughing more and bring up the bad things. If her next blood gas test (senior moment. ABG? Yeah.) comes up 110 or better they’re going to lower her o2 levels again. Here’s hoping!

I see where the Air Traffic Controllers had a “sick in” (or out as it were) protesting the covid vaccine mandate. Good for them!

I really want to put a vertical axis wind turbine on the top of my radio tower AND upgrade my batteries to 6-8 12v 200Ah LifePo4 batteries. And I’d like to play with the rust battery. (Look it up on YouTube.)  And put in a Tesla wall for the MILA.

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