Not One Second. I Will Not Waste One Second On The Olympic Games This Go-Round. Fuck China. Fuck NBC. #LGBFJB

Transparent Aluminum anyone?: “Impossible” 2D material is light as plastic and stronger than steel (2 minute read)

Scientists from MIT have developed a scalable production method that allows polymers to form 2D sheets while keeping their strength intact. Using the method, the team developed a material called 2DPA-1. 2DPA-1 is an extremely thin and lightweight material with a yield strength twice that of steel. It can take six times more force than bulletproof glass and it is completely impermeable to gases and liquids. The material could be used as a protective coating for vehicles and electronic devices and even as construction material.

But, can you build Ships and Planes (fighters) out of it? And we thought plastics were indestructible before. They do need to figure out how to convert all the OLD plastic into NEW plastic in an easy, and economical, way. Wall-E world anyone?

Anyone else see anything wrong with this recent Fox News front page:
Dem finally ends school mask mandate as liberals are caught red-handed breaking their own rules

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