I Swear I Been Meaning To Post For Over A Week Now!

But I get busy doing “things’ and forget until it’s bedtime. And by then I’m too damned tired to stay up and do any more “things.”

The only major thing that’s happened is we got our new Harvestright freeze dryer a few days ago. Got it all unboxed and set in place (involving calling SWMBO’s son over to help the OLD GUY lift the danged thing) only to find that it takes a NEMA 5-20 socket. Which I don’t have.

So, went through Yelp (don’t EVER go through Yelp!) looking for an electrician to do the 30 minute (maybe) job of converting the 220v 30amp circuit behind the freezer to a single (or double) 110v 20a socket. All the replies I got were in the $250 range (except the one guy that wanted $125/hr with 2-hours minimum plus parts plus tax).

No. Just no. I’m not paying that much for a 20-30 minute job. Just not happening. I can do it myself; I just didn’t want to.

Of course I’ve been watching “The War” and all that. Biden is such a dipshit. He could easily start to fix our energy problems by re-opening the pipelines. Dork! The one time we really need a man on a hill with a rifle … And now he’s wimping out on the possible land war in the Ukraine. THAT didn’t send any messages to Putin. Biden is a traitor. Most Democrats are traitors. Some Republicans are traitors. All of them should be run over with a bus. A heavy bus. With spikey tires.

SWMBO and I were planning a trip to Ohio so she could visit her slowly deteriorating Mom. With gas at $5/gal right now I’m not sure we’re going to be making that trip. Not with the RV. Maybe we could drive and stay in motels; but we’d probably have to leave Wiz home. That’d suck. And if gas goes up more (which I’m pretty sure it will) then I’ll just fly SWMBO back there to visit and me and Wiz will stay home.

Hiring SWMBO’s son to  help me tear the wallboard out of the MILA. Have an appointment with a construction guy middle of next week. (Or the next week after that. Would have to check my calendar cause I suffer CRS!)

Otherwise, SSDD.

I’ll try to get off my fat old ass and post a bit more. With the new Freeze Dryer I’ll probably make a couple of YouTube video’s where I “experiment” with the freeze drying. Oh, my “baby bok” hydroponics experiment is going really well. yay!

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