People cry, “my body, my choice.” Well I say “your student loan, your payments.” If You Have An i-Phone But Can’t Pay YOUR Loan, I’m Not Hiring You.

I’m sitting here at my desk at 0515 wondering why the hell I even got up today. I’m retired. Doesn’t mean I’m not busy; just nothing that I have to get up, shit, shower, shave, and get dressed for. So why the hell am I up?

Turns out, Washington state, for all it’s orange and pink haired lip-spiked Liberalism, still makes it illegal to skinny dip. Or otherwise be nude in public. Which, in some cases is a cryin’ shame; but totally reasonable when it comes to old guys like me. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to see me naked either. I’m the inspiration for that old song “I Just Don’t Look Good Naked Anymore.”

Where was I going with this? Don’t remember. Except it’s been Hot around here this past week and expected to be as hot for the rest of the week and we all should be out skinny-dipping someplace. (Y’all ever notice that people who skinny-dip together rarely fight each other?) Being in the outside heat was way more different when I was young than it is now.

Back in 1967 in Yuma, there was a overgrown sandbar about half way between the New bridge and the Old bridge on the Colorado that used to be the place to skinny-dip on those really hot summer days. For the guys that is. Couldn’t have girls skinny-dipping with you cause they might see your tally-wacker. And at 14 going on 15 that wasn’t the thing to do. The following year that changed for some reason. But then you couldn’t really skinny-dip, with friends, cause even a gentle breeze across certain body parts, well, that wasn’t good in public either. And skinny-dipping with girls was out cause they might laugh at that, thing, hanging out in the open like that. Girls were cruel like that.

At age 14 you didn’t want girls to see you naked and at 15+ you tried convincing (ANY) girl to “just hold it for a second and it’ll be okay.” Life. The good ol’ days.

Oh, goody! E-mail says: +R̳e̳:̳ ̳Y̳O̳U̳ ̳A̳Ʀ̳E̳ ̳A̳ ̳W̳Ɪ̳N̳N̳E̳Ʀ̳ ̳O̳F̳ ̳A̳N̳ ̳Ɪ̳P̳H̳O̳N̳E̳ ̳1̳4̳ ̳P̳Ʀ̳O̳ ̳M̳A̳x̳ ̳S̳W̳E̳E̳P̳S̳T̳A̳K̳E̳S̳ ̳E̳N̳T̳Ʀ̳Y̳

Glad I’ve got Thunderbird set to not automatically download pictures and links unless I specifically authorize it. As far as the sending offender knows he sent an e-mail to a dead address.

BTW, I’d like to thank the Orange/Pink Haired Lip-Spiked Liberals, who don’t like being “contained in a box,” for slam-dunking my white/conservative Male self into a “All Conservatives Are BAD” box. You’re welcome.

Just got back from our morning walk. Don’t feel like cooking breakfast or having cereal, so, taking SWMBO to FPH. Just because. IF she doesn’t lollygag too much. I’m hungry.

I believe my younger brother, George, was the inspiration for “The Hulk” back in the day. Yuma Cops brought him home one evening after getting in a fight with a Mexican GANG, and said “When we got there all we saw was a pile of bodies fighting. Suddenly, an arm comes out of the pile and grabs someone and throws them away. Then another. And another, until there was only George standing there.”

He broke someone’s leg, 3 or 5 arms, and slapped a guy (holding a gun) so hard it put him in a coma for 6 weeks. All George got was a split lip.

So, yeah.

Breakfast at FPH with SWMBO was as enjoyable as usual. And it’s not even Date Day!

Hooked the dump trailer up and went to Peninsula Topsoil and bought a ton of 5/8″ something. Got back home, backed down the upper driveway (which I’m actually getting quite good at for an OLD Guy), and SWMBO drove while I operated the dump part. Didn’t cover much. My gap was about 2″ too wide for that material. I should have videoed it. We have a 8″ deep 6 foot “dump” that I’m going to have to spread out with the tractor. I knew it wouldn’t spread far, but …

Hey, it’s all a learning experience. At least the buy part was easy. $40 bucks. Believe me when I say I’ve had more expensive learning experiences. (My Ex- being one; but don’t get me started.)


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