Centurylink Techs Stopped By. Internet Appears To Be Fixed. Went From 0.40 mbps Down to 2.45 mbps Down.

Which means more to SWMBO than to me. Happy Wife. Happy Life. All it took was switching pairs in the wire and a new modem. They were slightly surprised that our modem was so old (8 years or so) and it still worked.

So she’s off in her room doing genealogy on ancestry.com and familysearch.com AND listening to YouTube music happier than a tornado in a trailer park.

Hired a young guy to tear walls out in the FILA. He got a lot done today! Impressive. Filled the utility trailer with wallboard so we’ll have to make a dump run tomorrow. Cool! Found big black ants (hopefully NOT carpenter ants but I’ll find out) and lots of mouse poop. Told SWMBO to turn her new cat loose overnight down there. Probably not happening.

I’m going to bed.

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